April 23, 2016


Skincare is my true love when it comes to blogging and when I try products I do have to just get stuck in and what happens to my skin will always be documented on LLP. DHC, Japanese skincare brand has a few cult products under their belt- Deep Cleansing Oil I am dreaming of you, so of course I have high expectations but luckily the latest collection Beauty Lift didn't disappoint.

Beauty Lift promotes firmer and softer skin with the use of just four products. I have tried two of those four, picking the Beauty Lift Essence c/o (£35.00, 50ml) and Beauty Lift Lotion c/o (£34.00). Basically a serum and toner, these two made their way into my routine as soon as they arrived, as for hydration they are perfect. 

Like I said, I use these two products, as a serum and toner within my skin care routine and I think that's what they work best as. Starting with the Beauty Lift Essence, this serum like texture, is silky and soft, becoming the perfect quick step for hydrating your skin. From what I can see, it doesn't contain any nasties and with a rich collection of peptides, it deeply moisturises your skin. 

I have been using this almost every evening but I think it would make a great light day time serum, as it might not be strong enough for you hard core serum lovers. As for it's firming claims, I do think my skin looks more hydrated, which makes your skin always look more youthful. I'm only a baby when it comes to wrinkles so can't really comment any miracles. 

The Beauty Lift Lotion is my favourite of the two products I would say as I felt like this made a bigger difference to my skin and is one of the nicest toners I have used in a while. Hydrating toners always get stick for not really doing anything but when you find one that does you really can tell the difference. Used on a cotton pad, as it's a liquid, all over your face, this toner instantly refreshed your skin and makes it feel soft immediately. When I stopped using this for a while during an outbreak, just switching to use something that would help combat spots, I really missed it! The formula is so softening, it would be suitable on all skins. 

What I was most surprised with both these products from DHC, is how quickly my skin seemed to just love them. I am so used to out breaks here and their from new products but these were nothing but perfect for my skin and with hydration being my top priority (as I clearly don't drunk enough water!!) they were just what I was looking for. I am really impressed with this range and I do think if your after hydration but don't want anything too heavy, these products are perfect.

Have you tried DHC Skincare? What are your favourites?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. I always hear so much about DHC skincare but ive never really seen it about before?



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