April 04, 2016


It didn't take long for the spring sun to come and go this April did it! If showers it is, I'm going to try and get my body looking less winter ghost and more summery glowing skin. 

I'm not really one to go out and club it up in my old age but recently with a few nights out I've realised you pretty much have to be half naked and a light shade of orange to not stand out. I am the gal who wears flats and a cardy out (insert monkey covering eyes emoji!) but I'd like to say I'm way to sophisticated to go back to the terrible fake tanning days. Looking as white as a sheet isn't also quite the look I'd like to be rocking on a night out. Meet my new tanning saviour, newly released this year from Vita Liberata Body Blur c/o (£29.95). 

A brand new wash off skin perfecting lotion, which is basically a glowing foundation for your skin, provides the most amazing natural better than two weeks in the Maldives tan. As you can see from my swatch, the lotion is immediately quite scary, slightly thick like a body butter in a pretty dark brown - compared to my skin anyways! So already I had warning signs. However as soon as you start working it into your skin, which is easy as, the colour just blends instantly. I have applied the lotion with both my hands and a tanning mitt, I think the mitt came out better, as my hands did have a slightly darker shade to them even after washing them. 

I am hoping you can see from me using it above, that the affect on your skin is pretty amazing instantly. It brings your skin to life, with a subtle light reflecting quality that just makes you look alive again. On my nights out, I have used it all over but where I thought it made such a difference is just on my arms. Against clothes, the colour of your skin just glows. I have yet to try it on my legs, as those babies won't be out for another few months but I imagine it's going to be a god send. 

For anyone that is terrified by fake tan, this lotion literally just washes off in the shower and blends straight into your skin like a moisturiser. No streaks in sight. For me, I think this is the way forward for tanning, as its completely stress free and makes your skin look less orange and more a dewy glow.

Although, it may seem expensive, you really only need a very small amount to get the colour straight onto your skin. So this large 100ml bottle will last me for ages!

Have you tried Body Blur? A new self tanner?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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