April 15, 2016


Brand new beauty today and it's a rarity for me, as I seem to be loving organic skincare this month! Not saying there is anything wrong with organic beauty but usually it does have a tendency to break me out if I go over board. This weeks newbie has been from beauty brand Evolve. As soon as this landed on my doorstep, I swooned over the packaging and it's actually taken me over a month to even say to myself...come on Becki, we know it's beautiful but bloody try it!! I'm a sucker for packaging as ever. Sometimes I think the simpler the better and for me Evolve have got it spot on!

Everyone is after radiance coming into the Spring/ Summer months and what a way to start the process with Evolve's Radiant Glow Mask c/o (£18.00). Being a worrier for break out's I tried this mask last week, whilst my skin has been looking as fresh as a daisy. The mask itself looks pretty  scary when you first see it in the pot, due to it rich dark colour but actually the mask is quite a thin texture once applied. Made with raw cacao powder that gives the mask its dark chocolate scent, purifying clay and sweet almond oil helps to smooth your skin and keep it hydrated.

For me, I love the granular texture of the mask, which always makes my skin radiant as I am not a massive exfoliator and having the exfoliator in the mask makes it all one easy process. Organic coconut shell powder and sugar make the base for the exfoliating element so it's very gentle on sensitive skin. Overall, as an all natural product, I was really impressed and the mask has made it straight onto my weekly skincare shelf. 

The other product that I tried from Evolve, is their Fresh Face Facial Wash c/o (£14.00). I am a cleansing hoe bag and I usually stay clear of foaming cleansers, as they tend to dry out my skin and I never feel they do anything apart from strip my skin so when I read 'foaming' I panicked. 

However this cleanser is different, as it has a very subtle foam, more like a milky texture, which I was pleased to see. With a very natural fruity scent, Papaya and Goji make up a clear gel texture that is better suited for oily skin, the cleanser it's self left my skin feeling soft but I wasn't blown away by it. As my skin is heading more for the combination side, this cleanser didn't feel as hydrating as I thought it might do. As ingredients goes, this cleanser used 98.46% natural ingredients, which I haven't ever tried an almost completely natural cleanser. The Papaya is a natural exfoliant, Goji is considered an 'exotic superfruit' with anti-ageing anti-oxidant properties and with aloe vera, the cleanser is very gentle on your skin.

I have already had a little browse of the rest of Evolve's skincare range and their body collection sounds rather special...African Orange lotion and Satin Leg Gloss is on the wish list!

Have you tried Evolve Organic Beauty?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. I will surely give a try to the mask as it seems quite tempting for the skin but for lines and wrinkles I rely on getting Botox Milton Keynes treatment.


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