April 09, 2016


This week it was my birthday. I have hit the 'over the hill' age of 26! I am sure to most I am still a baby but there is something about your twenties where life starts to get serious and I'm just not too sure I am blooming ready for it. But this week I'm going to celebrate!

Your twenties seem to be the era of babies, marriage and serious career stuff... where I am still trying to figure out myself, let alone even thinking about taking those big steps.

Sometimes I think it's because I haven't really found my path yet whatever that may be or maybe I'm living it and I'm on the journey to something exciting! As life goes, I am as settled as I could be in terms of luuurrrvvv, my home, my job and pooch but I just want more there is a piece missing. Figuring out what that is yet is part of the problem. I reckon if I just stopped worrying about where my life is going and just fricking live in the moment I will rock this life and make my dreams come true.
I am still battling with so many of my own inner demons that I can't always control, which over the years have stopped me living like your everyday twenty something gal would live. It's these years that I feel I wish I did differently and I can't get them back. It has taken me a while to understand why I wasn't myself over those early twenty somethings and wishing them away I regret. Then and now I am a completely different person, which I am happy to admit. It's taken alot to get here so if I seem a little behind with life thats just the way it will have to be.

I am so grateful for an amazing support system, a beautiful family that have come together through the toughest times this year and friends that have been there with me through thick and thin who I love dearly. As for my journey, I'm unsure where it will take me but I'm certainly not getting old just yet!

Even if I forever stay the gal who wants a ballon from Giraffe and the crayons...oh the colouring gets me every time! I mean what does age even mean anyways...it's all about how you feel right? I should just for goodness sake take in everything around me and be happy. Accept that we all have bad days and if it wasn't for those bad days, the good ones wouldn't feel half as good.

So Happy Birthday to moi, get a grip and make this year count! 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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