June 29, 2016


Dermalogica daily Microexfoliant review. Bioeffect volcanic exfoliator review. aesop purifying paste review. codage scrubbing cream review
To get the best summer skin, I think exfoliating is so important not only for your body but also your face. I can say, exfoliation was never really a priority in my skincare routine until now. With acne prone skin I was always so worried to use anything abrasive against my reactive skin in case it broke me out or damaged my skin - think back to the days of Clearasil, I tried the lot! My skin luckily has been having a good few months, due to drinking more water and sticking to a basic but skin loving routine. Adding in an exfoliation two times a week has massively improved my skins texture and has kept it looking radiant. Whether a combination of finally finding a great skincare routine or the simple process of adding in an exfoliator, my skin has never looked so clear. Not a spot in sight!

Not knowing more about the process of exfoliating and the importance of good ingredients as a teenager and in my early twenties made me try all sorts of products that I wouldn't dare mention but since those skin stripping times, I have never taken exfoliating for granted since BUT at what price would you feel comfortable spending on a product that showed you results?

I am aware that the £30 + mark is alot for just one product in your skincare routine and as a person who has always used an array of brands pricing them at a few pounds to hundreds, I have found it almost impossible to find an exfoliator that isn't full of nasty ingredients (apricot kernels, I am talking to you!!!) that isn't over the £30 mark and my skin hasn't reacted badly to. 

These four products I have reviewed for you are all sitting at around £30, none of them include any nasty ingredients that would upset your skin and they are suitable for all skin types. Although I am sure you know, the extra process of an exfoliator is different for everyone and I can only give my own opinions and thoughts on how I found a small collection of exfoliators on my own skin. Like always, I would always recommend sampling them first just to see if firstly you like them and secondly if they agree with your skin! 

BioEffect Volcanic exfoliator

Starting with BioEffect Volcanic Exfoliator (£30.00, 60ml) is one product that I was recommending by the lovely Beauty Queen UK herself. Managing to squeeze in a facial at the BioEffect counter in Liberty's a few weeks back, the lovely lady used the exfoliator on my skin for the first time and it felt amazing. Described as a clarifying exfoliator containing Icelandic micro-crystalline lava, which is cooling for the skin, it's also the abrasive part that buffs away dead skin cells leaving you feeling refreshed and smooth. To my surprise, once I sat up after the facial, this exfoliator has a light gel like texture that when wet it turns into a milky liquid, which when she applied it, due to the cooling affect of the product, it felt like she was using a clay based product. Although I like my exfoliator to be slightly rough, this one does have quite a sharp texture. For me, I didn't feel like this exfoliator was that special for the price, although it was skin softening, I have tried a few products like this one, which aren't half as expensive and it did leave my skin a little red even with the cooling affect.

aesop purifying pasteAesop is just one of those brands for me that I tend to really lust over and when I try their skincare I always love it - the kind of love you can't then live without. I was so excited to find their Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste c/o (£35.00, 75ml) in my Liberty gift bag the other week! This earthy rosemary and lavender scented paste is rich in texture and one of the thickest out of the four I have been testing, with a fine grain it feels like it buffs the skin instead of harshly exfoliating or stripping. The paste texture means it feels more hydrating to use as well as the evening primrose oil in it that is used to soften the skin. I loved this and I will certainly be using it weekly, probably my favourite so far and I would repurchase!

Next is the most innovative and unusual of all of the exfoliators I have tried, Dermalogica's Daily microexfoliant c/o (£41.75, 74g). This exfoliator comes in a powdered form, which when you add water, it turns into a milky foamy paste made with rice enzymes that gently exfoliate the skin. Although suggested to use daily, my skin is far too sensitive to need to use an exfoliator every day and with it's slight foamy texture once added with water, I did feel it make my skin a little too squeaky clean.

Dermalogica daily Microexfoliant review. However, I know my other half loves to steal this product out of my cupboard and use it in the shower - he is a squeaky clean faced kinda guy! He finds it's great for keeping his skin smooth and making sure his beard stays soft. Using it once or twice a week would be enough for me and it certainly instantly helped smooth and brighten my skin removing any sort of congestion on the surface but by far the most expensive exfoliator out of the four and I think it would be too much for me! I can, however see this powder lasting years, which might be reflected in the price and probably why my other half has stolen it!

Codage scrubbing creamFinally is a sample of an exfoliator, which is one of the best ways to try out products if your not sure how your skin will get on with them. Not a brand I had heard of before, Codage's Scrubbing Cream (£36.00, 50ml) does exactly what it says in the name! With a very fine but creamy texture, this exfoliator uses tiny rice particles to buff your skin and reveal a radiance complexion. I have used this sample on and off over the last month and it really does leave your skin feeling so soft and smooth. I found even though the tiny rice grains were quite difficult to wash off as they are so fine (i'd find a little one here and there applying my moisturiser afterwards) that it made my skin glow straight after use, exactly what you want out of an exfoliator! Codage's Scrubbing cream feels luxurious to use and out of all the exfoliators this has the most creamiest texture, keeping you feeling hydrated instead of stripped. Although again the price is a little high, I did see great results from this exfoliating cream.

I hope you have enjoyed this little in depth post about my four tried and tested exfoliators around the £30.00 mark and it would be great to hear your thoughts on what products and brands you like to use!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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