June 07, 2016


I often get asked as a beauty blogger...(usually the first thing I get asked actually is what is a beauty blogger is then...) I get asked what my favourite brands are or hero products I can recommend. As a beauty blogger, I think it is quite hard these days to truly answer that question. It is so easy to be swayed to a brand or product if their PR is fabulous, you get bundles of products sent to you or these days you are paid by a brand and all through the wonderfulness, you don't really get to go out there and experience what the brand means to you. 

Over the years I think I am luck to have kept my feet on the ground and with blogging breaks here and there, it's allowed me to keep a fresh clear mind when I am writing and what certain brands mean to me. I think I can truly say that some brands I have always coveted and they have kept their claws in my beauty routine, bathroom cupboard and draws of wonders for many years. But I admit, when amazing parcels fall at your doorstep, it's hard to not just run to the newest thing. The idea of 'newness' can consume you and i've been there. Yes we all like to write about new products and be the first ones to get a peak but really as a writer and avid reader of blogs myself, I like to hear of those products and brands that have always been in your life. 

As the photo would suggest, one brand I have forever had a love affair with is Lush Cosmetics. I don't know what it is but there is a connection with the brand, I love their philosophy and moreover I love their products. I pretty much can't walk down a high street without popping into their stores, chatting away to their amazing staff and finding innovative products that I have never tried before. Before you ask... this is in no way a sponsored post! I have worked with Lush and tried a few products for free but I always buy more! What I am trying to say is I think the blogging world is so saturated now, it's tough to know why we are still doing it. Is it for the 'newness' for the recommendations or just for enjoyment. I want to keep writing with a mix of all of that and try to share things that I really do love. 

So as I am trying to still get my blogging mo jo back, I wanted to start a weekly post all about one of my favourite brands and it's going to take shape in a 'LUSH WEEKLY' segment. Reviews about products I love or things I am trying. You know it's going to include alot of bath bombs and trips to oxford street!

I hope you like the new weekly post and I would love to hear about your favourite brands below if you have the time :)

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I know what you mean about getting obsessed with the idea of newness! It's an easy trap to fall into. I don't have the spare cash to try a lot of new brands at the moment so I tend to stick to my well loved French pharmacy brands like LRP and Avene. I have always enjoyed Lush products too though! Looking forward to your new weekly segment :)
    Rebecca | Notes From September

  2. ooh I like the sound of a Lush weekly segment on LLP, I adore the products too x

  3. Looking forward to seeing your Lush posts!
    I'm Lush daft, so you'll maybe help me find some new favorites :)


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