June 21, 2016


Being a beauty blogger usually means writing about the latest and newest products out there, usually meaning the old favourites can sometimes get left behind. Since starting fresh with LLP, attempting to get back in contact with my followers and brands, I realised how many products I still had in my collection... I am sure it's an obscene amount to most, probably a skincare hoarder you'd call me.

Now I have found myself back at square one with LLP, it's opened my eyes to not only the wasted bi-products of being a beauty blogger but also how it's so easy to just to move on to the next new thing. This month, I have promised myself that even though I many write about new beauty launches here and there, I will try to use up all of my half full body lotions, face creams, skin oils etc to make sure they first of all don't go out of date before I have even got half way down but also that they don't end up in the bin. 

If my collection looks the way it does, it scares me to think how many products bloggers who do this full time must have just laying around, swatched only once. So what do we do about this? I'm pretty aware it would be crazy to wear every lipstick every single day but why not donate the products you won't use? I have heard many beauty bloggers donate to Caroline Hiorns Give and Makeup or to your local Women's Aid? I have already packed up a box and as it gets full, I want to donate it asap. It is such a good cause and really do you need all those products? 

As for your own beauty hoard, go through it, downsize and use up products that you forgot you had and make sure you don't just save them for a rainy day. As bloggers we are so lucky to be treated by brands and PR's the way we do just like Press and editors do every single day. But one thing I haven't seen is anyone talk about how many products big magazines get sent on a daily basis just to be thrown into a cupboard to collect dust. We should be the bigger ladies here and make it known that we aren't just spoilt, we are aware of the amount of wasted product in the beauty industry and we want to do something about it. 

I would love to start something like Caroline did but I think she's done such a great job of it and with her name now, she's the woman to get this issue out there. So support her and Give and Makeup!

I'm off to send my first box now!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. I agree 100% - there is no way we can use up everything before it reaches its use by date. Also there are products that just aren't right for me to its always nice to share the love & pass them on.


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