June 18, 2016


Trying new brands has become something of a past time for me, as I struggle to keep up with the demands of the blogging world, whilst trying to keep LLP a place for myself, I really do massively appreciate when new brands want me to try and test out their products. This month, I have had the pleasure to try out a few products from Herbalife SKIN. 

If you haven't heard of Herbalife SKIN before, it is a brand new collection of high performance skincare from Herbalife - the world's leader in online nutritional products that aims to nourish the skin to create a youthful healthier complexion. With a full skincare line up of two cleansers, two toners, serum and moisturisers, on first glance, the collection seemed really impressive and the brand have covered all skin needs. The whole range has been expertly developed with over 15 vitamins included, a blend of vitamin B, C and E make this a skincare range that are designed to penetrate deep into the skin. I got the pleasure to try out their Firming Eye Gel c/o (£30.50, 15ml) and their SPF 30 Protective Moisturiser c/o (£32.65, 30ml). Over the last few weeks I have been using both of these products and here is what I thought...

Starting with my favourite of the two, Herbalife SKIN Firming Eye Gel, this gel texture is a lovely way to wake up your eyes in the morning. With refreshing cucumber and Aloe Vera extract, the gel like texture is cooling to touch. As the name suggests, the gel is meant to help firm and lift the skin around your eyes, which I can't say I have seen a massive difference, as my skin is still pretty youthful for a twenty something but my eyes do look brighter in the morning for sure.

I have found this eye gel to be the perfect transition from winter to summer, as it's lightweight texture hasn't made my eyes feel heavy and more importantly hasn't stung my eyes. Most creams these days sting my eyes and makes them water like crazy so to see no effects like that is a great change for me! Just with one pump, I lightly pat the eye gel around my eye socket and it sinks in straight away, leaving me with no tacky or sticky feeling, just smooth supple skin. I was very impressed with this product, especially as I am really struggling to find eye products that don't irritate my eyes. Also the packaging makes it very easy to not over use the product, with just one pump being enough for both eyes.

Finally, I have been trying out Herbalife SKIN Protective Moisturiser c/o. I have never really found the right moisturiser for me and sometimes I tend to even skip that step out of my night time routine and use a rich oil or serum instead. For me, I mostly find moisturisers tacky and heavy on my skin with day time moisturisers sometimes just making me look greasy! This one however is quite a fine texture and is very light on your skin. Like the eye gel, the cream actually feels almost cooling due to the Aloe Vera and cucumber extract. 

As a moisturiser, I would say this does the job for smooth soft skin along with hydration but I still get that slight tacky feeling, which for me just doesn't suit. However, I did think maybe an answer to the tacky feeling and when I did read that this product had UVA/UVB protection with SPF 30, it did suddenly remind me slightly of suncream. Maybe it would be more suited as an extra layer of protection after your favourite moisturiser during the hotter months.

Have you tried the Herbalife SKIN range? Would love to know your thoughts. Thank you Herbalife for letting me try your brand and for supporting bloggers who just love beauty!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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