June 16, 2016


The first addition to my Lush Weekly post has arrived! Before all the many many many bath bomb reviews...you know you love them too, I thought I would begin with a rather new product for me and it's "shock horror" of the skincare variety.

Last week I took a trip to the lovely Kingston Lush store and without a clue what I wanted to pick up, I thought I would have a gander at their skincare. I am completely in love with their fresh face masks (reviews coming, not enough days in the week and fingers to type!) but trying something new that I haven't heard of was my plan. 

As I get closer and closer to 30, my skin has changed and has become dry. I love products that make my skin look dewy, healthy and radiant, which usually always has something to do with hydration so I was thinking I needed to try out a new toner. 

To add to my daily toner line up, I picked up Eau Roma Water (£4.50, 100g). Firstly I was pretty impressed at the price, as for me this was one mega affordable hydrating toner even though it's pretty small, I was told that if used properly it should last me at least a month. By properly I think the lady meant don't go round spraying your whole body with it as it smells so darn good!

The toner is a delicate blend of rose and lavender water to sooth, calm and hydrate your skin after cleansing. Although it sounds a strong smelling product, two of my favourite scents in fact, Lush have actually made this very light and not too overpowering. The toner is water based so it refreshes and cools your skin if used directly on your skin or via a cotton pad and it really does feel like a natural, non-chemical step into my routine. After just a week of using the toner, it's already helped my skin on the way to feeling radiant again. 

I will certainly be checking out more of Lush's skincare range, as I think to use more natural products can only be better for your skin and body.

Have you tried any of Lush's skincare or Eau Roma Water?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. I love the smell of this, so relaxing and it works well as a de-stresser when you need a quick fix after a hectic day at work x


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