June 25, 2016


Lush Guardians of the forest bath bomb review
This weeks Lush segment has taken the shape and form of this incredible new addition to my bath bomb favourites. An unexpected love, meet the Guardian of the Forest Bath bomb (£3.95). Picked from one of my random Lush hauls, I think from the Oxford Street branch, I choose it as I hadn't seen it around before and the more I have researched it, it seems to make a rare appearance in local Lush stores. 

Taking us away from the big city, this bright green Lush bath bomb brings together the spirit of the forest. Much like my love for Lord of Misrule (review HERE) this bath bomb brings together mossy earthy scents of cypress and oakmoss to make a very damp green fragrance. Sounds an odd choice right but there is something about the scent that just uplifts you in a calming manner. Don't worry it's also got a touch of the feminine about it as well with Rosewood oil in it, giving it a slight lighter floral note. Think a dewy grass lawn in spring! 

The bath bomb is in true Lush fashion is different shades of green filled with glitter, which makes it quite magical to use either in the daytime for a uplifting boost or a relaxing night time bath. As all Lush's glitter filled bath bombs, I wouldn't recommend using this after just cleaning the bath hehe! The bath bomb does seem a bit like a slow burner, so you can enjoy it dissolving whilst you relax instead of it being over in seconds. Mine lasted in the end for at least 10 minutes. As for it's affect on my skin, I didn't really feel any different but I was covered in glitter!

The bath bomb itself is it such a unique scent and very different from the sweeter 'Lush' style products that this has certainly made me want to repurchase and I would love to see this fragrance develop into a shower gel. Have you tried Guardians of the Forest bath bomb?
Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. This looks like such a beauty. I haven't tried this before but I like a slow fizzer. Have you tried Avobath? It's a really fresh, spa-like scent but without the shimmer. I so wish they'd use that scent for shower gel.

    Kirsty - Life in Excess

    1. Oh my I love Avobath so much! The scent is amazing it reminds me of thailand and the zesty lemongrass :) Becki xx


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