July 17, 2016


With Wimbledon over, the beginning of the week saw me finally taking a whole two days off! Now these two days were meant for rest but within a world of beauty launches and Christmas in July, I finally pulled my diary off the shelf and realised we are bloody almost in the middle of JULY! Thanks to my lovely Rachel (Beauty Queen UK) who pretty much reminded me there is a life out there, I got my glad rags on and tried to get back out there.

Blog events are always an odd one for me, as depending on my mood I guess, I see them as a privilege but also a real struggle. Whether its the anxiety of walking into a room of strangers or just having to meeting new people, they are daunting. You would think I would be used to it by now, after three years attending them but for me it never gets easier.

I am thankful to the people I have met and are kind enough to spend time with me but honestly some bloggers can be really cold and judgemental. I have always found it quite difficult to continuously attend events and whether that has made it more difficult to fit into the blogger crowd I will never know. Maybe I'm just not well known enough for people to want to get to know me. Sound like I am moaning but I don't think people see the reality of how events can really feel, rather than the glamourous insta life of getting a free cocktail and visiting fancy hotels.

Ok so it is pretty cool but blooming scary!

Talking of fancy hotels, I got to visit the incredible Arts Club penthouse on Wednesday to have a looky at the launch of the three new Liz Earle Superskin products and their Christmas offerings. Although the products were beautiful, the event had the most spectacular flower displays that totally stole the show! They really went to town and as a flower creator myself I thought it was stunning. I also got the chance to chat to Brand Ambassador (aka the face that sells me my Liz Earle on QVC), which was surreal!!! Like a nervous wreck I am, I am sure I had a SULA and pretty word vom'ed all over her! More will be popping up on the blog hopefully this week on the new launches from Liz Earle so keep an eye out.

Also on this weeks diary was the new launch from La Roche Posay, their Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant, which as I had a few days off, I have already written up a first impressions review HERE. It was a small launch but was filled to the brim of eager skincare lovers. On the opposite end of the spectrum,  I also had my first Christmas in July experience of 2016 with Wilko, who as a team were so friendly and their kids christmas gifts are amazing. I think I even spotted a beauty calendar for a fiver!!!

As for a week, it's brought me back to life and I am glad I forced myself to get out a bit, as it's so easy just to stay in on the sofa! Hope you had a wonderful week too.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



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