July 02, 2016


It didn't take long for the Indeed Labs Hydraluron craze to be picked up in the beauty world and for dupes to start making their way into our hands. Dupes are not something new in the beauty world and more often its the bigger companies like Estee Lauder that do it themselves by diluting products through from their luxury brands down to brands they sell on the high street. Sometimes the formula's are pretty much exactly the same! You just have to spot them. 

One such dupe, which I never really thought I would stumble upon, especially due to it's special place it took in my skin care routine over the years is one for Indeed Labs Hydraluron moisture boosting facial serum (£24.99, 30ml). I was certainly part of the Hydraluron craze and I must say when I was using it, it really did make my skin plump and hydrated with no fuss at all. You can read my rather old review by today's standards HERE. The reason why I wasn't expecting to find a dupe for Hydraluron is due to it's cult status, it seemed like one of those products that was way ahead of the rest and you would just never think it even could or would be replicated!

However, I am pretty sure it has and I think I have found an almost a perfect match, at £6.00 it's cheaper, saving the pennies is what it's all about! Meet the secret dupe, The Hero Project's Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost c/o (£19.00, 30ml).

The Hero Project's partner in crime to my much loved Glow Drops and with a similar end goal, Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost is an oil free moisturiser that aims to help banish dull looking skin by hydrating and plumping the skin with a blend of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. Almost identical to Hydraluron, Hyasoft not only shares pretty much the same name, it's clear gel like form and ingredients aim to do exactly the same thing - hydrate using the superstar ingredient hyaluronic acid and in turn by using it daily your skin should look smoother and plumped aka younger looking face. (If I start to look any younger, I  probably will become a teenager again minus the spots!)

I am sure The Hero Project are proudly aware of the connections between the two products and with even their website stating that if "you'll love Hyasoft if you like Indeed Labs Hydraluron" maybe both products have been designed by the same big dog?? 

I hate to speculate, as both products are fantastic for someone like me who likes a quick fix in the month when I am tired and suffers from dull lackless skin but with Hydraluron creeping into the rather expensive for high street bracket, another brand to jump in lower isn't such a bad thing.

Overall, I think for the same ml's and for the same positive skin plumping affect, I would go for The Hero Projects dupe, saving you £6.00! The texture is exactly the same - a silky clear gel that soaks straight into your skin, locking in moisture instantly just like Hydraluron. Hyasoft is dubbed as a moisturiser but I would argue that just like Hydraluron, it makes a great serum then if you feel like you need it, add a moisturiser on top. I am really looking forward to seeing what The Hero Project do next and with both their products placed highly on my skincare shelf, I have high expectations!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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