July 12, 2016


You can tell I have had the day off today as I am seriously quick to the keypad with this one! Launched just last night to a whole room of bloggers, which I dragged myself out of bed for (first day off in over three weeks!) I was eager to see what else La Roche-Posay could add to their ever expanding Effaclar skincare collection.

If you don't already know, La Roche-Posay, a french skincare brand found in your local Boots now, has an extensive range, named Effaclar that is an anti-imperfection collection of products that battles against breakouts. With Effaclar Duo (+) launching two years ago, it was one of the first products that targeted every stage of the spots lifespan and helped to not leave any sort of scaring. My very old review is HERE but I still stand by everything I wrote two years ago. Proven to treat and reduce blemishes within 24 hours, Effaclar Duo (+) is one to keep in your skincare cupboard!

Now the latest edition to this product is the new Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant c/o (£16.50, 40ml) which should go on sale tonight or tomorrow at your usual La Roche Posay stockists. I don't even have a link for you I am so speedy!

As I am sure your wondering, the latest innovation to this cult product is a sheer tint of colour along with the product still encasing the original Effaclar Duo (+) formula. Created to help you feel that little bit more confident in your skin during an outbreak, the colour tint doesn't block pores like foundation might, it evens out your skin tone along with still treating your blemished skin.

I think for many, this product is an innovative miracle for blemish prone skin, as I know a few years ago when I was suffering with adult acne, I would hate layering on foundation or concealer over the top of my spot treatments. I always thought the treatments would never really work as I didn't allow my skin to just breathe. With this new skin tinted treatment, it means you feel confident to wear less makeup as you know your skin is still being cared for. Unifiant is light in texture and sinks straight into your skin so it doesn't even feel like your wearing any sort of colour corrector.

The only thing I am not the keenest on with Unifiant is the scent. Although I know this is still a treatment and not a foundation, like Effaclar Duo (+), this latest edition still has quite a clinical fragrance that always reminds me of those days I used the original formula religiously. Wasn't a great time for my skin :(

However, I think this will save many peoples confidence in going out with blemished skin! Unfortunately Unifiant is still only being launched in two shades Fair/Light (the one I have swatched) and Light/Medium, which has a slight tanned look. I am hoping this range expands as soon as it can as not only fair skin suffers from breakouts!!

Will you be trying the new La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the review. How would you describe the light colour? I have very fair pinkish skin with freckles. I can't find anywhere with samples so I'm trying to work out if it would be any good for me.

    1. I am too very pale and the light works perfectly for me as it blends to your skin tone :) Becki x


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