July 14, 2016


As I type this post, I am sitting with two eye patches on right now and I think my other half might be thinking my level of weirdness couldn't get any higher. The every growing eye patch craze in the beauty world doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. I am quite new to the addiction and I can totally understand it.

An at home remedy that throws the old cucumber slices out the window, these clever little patches usually aim to help hydrate, firm and refresh the eye area that can tend to be quite difficult to treat, especially if you have sensitive eyes like me. Eye patches can take shape in many forms from gel to fabric, all usually soaked in a rich hydrating almost serum like product. 

Two patches I have been trying out are both very different to each other and I have reviewed them below. Be warned there is a terrfying Nigella styly pic below!

First up is DHC's Rich Eye Zone Care Pack c/o (£15.00). With 6 eye sheet masks in the little cute plastic care box, for the price, I was blown away how many eye treats you get! These eye patches are really gentle, with them being a soft fabric that neatly sits around your eye... modelled by me below! 
Each patch is infused with Hyaluronic acid and elastin to protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier making the skin look plumper in just 15 minutes. Olive fruit oil helps with hydration as well as multipeptides that help support collagen. I have used these twice this week and I have to say, they are quite addictive. I noticed my eyes looked more awake, less puffy and hydrated. 

I will have to buy a few more packs I think as they are handy for a quick pick me up and I love the fact that DHC hasn't slacked on the size of the packs. As you can see they go all the way around the eye area even up to the brow which cools the eye lids not just your under eye.
In comparison, Superdrug have just launched their latest addition to their ever growing face mask collection and it takes the form of Refreshing Eye Gels c/o (£1.49). Suitable for all skin types, these gel patches fit just under your eyes. The mask is a thin layer of blue gel that help to reduce puffy eyes, which I think after my first use they did just that. Not filled with any fancy ingredients, these patches I think are more for on the surface affect and if you pop them in the fridge they would be amazing to wake you up!

I think out of the two, the DHC patches are more effective in terms of long term affects however, I really liked the gel texture of Superdrug's eye gels as they did feel more cooling on the skin. If you do have any brand that you think I should try do let me know below :)

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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