August 06, 2016


On my way down Oxford street, who can not get the whiff of a Lush Cosmetics store and not want to dive straight in. Well of course this was me and is me on a regular weekly stop off. When I go to Lush, I always ask to see what they have that is exclusive to the store and what newbies are hitting the shelves. This week I have to say I might have been swayed by shining sparkly things and I ended up with two products that probably will have me cleaning my bath for weeks.

First item in the basket was one of the only exclusive bath products I could find and it's made solely for Lush Oxford - meet Golden Slumber (£3.95). Hopeful for a good night sleep after this bath bomb, it promises to be a sleeping potion with it's calming lavender, chamomile and neroli oils. You can't buy this bath bomb though and not think it's going to turn your bath into a golden wonder, well I think it should have a warning on the tin that YOU actually in fact turn into a golden wonder, I was completely covered in glitter head to toe! It did disappear quite quickly in the bath turning the water into a slightly yellowy shimmer (slightly pee like I wouldn't like to you!) but either way, it was a lovely bathing experience as always even if I am still cleaning my bath tub and myself from all the glitter.

Talking of glitter, I don't know what I was thinking when I picked my next purchase up! Meet Sunnyside Bubble Bar (£4.95). A glittery paradise this bubble bar a sweet orange and lemon blend that creates as you can imagine a very gold shimmery bath! I have read that people use the whole bubble bar for one bath but I like to split it into pieces and get a few baths out of it. I wasn't blown away by the fragrance or bubbles in this one, I actually think the bar looks better than it is. 

So hit and miss from Lush Oxford street this time but do let me know your thoughts if you have tried either of these two below!

Hugs & Kisses 
Becki xox



  1. I havent found a bubble bar I have wanted to try in a while now, I usually always opt for the amazing The Comforter anyway, my absolute fave x

    1. See you gotta get on the glitter! I love the blue skies and fluffy cloud bubble bar i think it's called! So dreamy! Becki xx

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