August 04, 2016


When we talk about dupes over in the beauty world, I never ever have a bad word to say about them usually, as for me, I like to save the pennies and if I can find a product or tool that does pretty much exactly the same thing for half the price, I'm going for the cheaper option. Now skincare I am usually more snobby about but lets ignore that for now.

The latest dupe out on the block and one I am quite thankful for is the duping of makeup brushes. I am sure we have all seen many a Real Techniques brush being copy catted on the shelves, which still I never think they are as good as the real thing but I was waiting (and praying) for an Artis makeup brush dupe. If you don't know who Artis are, you only have to google them to see how amazing their brushes look. Their signature brushes have a gorgeous lightweight handle and the brush is on an angle instead of the top of the handle. Odd one to describe but google you'll know what I am on about.

Talking of dupes, I spotted a few online from around the globe but none here on the UK high street until...I finally got my hands on these babies! 

Given to me by my beautiful Rachel - Beauty Queen UK, after me whining away at how much I wanted to try them, I finally have a brand new Artis dupe from Primark's very own PS...Pro makeup range. I have had the pleasure of trying out two different sizes of the Oval headed makeup brushes over the last few weeks and I must say I am impressed!

Starting with the price, as when it comes to a dupe it's usually why we head for the cheaper option first lets not kid ourselves, the Primark Oval shaped makeup brushes start at just £2.50 a tenth of the cost of an Artis. I mean for a very good quality makeup brush thats a bargain! There are three different sizes so far that I have seen all with the same shaped brush head but just a small, medium and large. I have both the smallest and medium, which I use both for foundation and concealer application.

From what I can see (aka swooning at every review I can find!) the Artis brushes are pretty special, however, I am very impressed with quality of the PS Pro.. bristles so far. They are dense and very soft, whilst also being strong at the same time to hold and blend your makeup into your skin. The handle is as you would expect quite weak, just plastic here but still strong enough to not feel like it will break in your palm. 

The sizings too are really useful to get around your face smoothly and get down the side of your nose. In terms of application of makeup, especially foundation, these brushes are so lovely to use against your skin. The soft bristles means you can blend blend blend away without but I have already washed mine a fair amount, as I have found the bristles do like to soak up quite alot of liquid product and as they are so small, I'd hate to push old dried foundation around my face!

Washing your makeup brushes is always test of quality and I was worried about washing the oval brushes, if then would I find have half the bristles down my drain, however they were pretty darn good! I didn't lose any bristles and they have managed to still stay as soft as when I first got them out of the packet. 

When it comes to price, sometimes I do think I tend to then not worry so much about the quality. However when its a win win on both quality and price you need to shout the roof off about it!

Have you tried Primark's Oval Makeup brushes?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I really want to try these!! I saw these on the Primark website, then headed into store to find them a few weeks back and I can't find them. But I'm glad more people are trying these out and reviewing them, as it's only made me want them more. They sound so good for the price xx

    Lauren |

    1. Oh my they were so hard to find, hence my lovely Rachel finding them for me! They have become my staple now in applying my bases. Becki xx

  2. I adore mine and love how easy they are to swipe around your face, no fuss, no faff x

    1. Thank you mrs for giving them to me!! Becki xx

  3. Hey. What would be a good way to wash these brushes? Would a bit of soap on my palm work and then using water and soap to clean the brush? If that makes sense lol


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