August 01, 2016


Treating myself to a little Superdrug haul a while back, I couldn't help but pick myself up FINALLY as slice of the Zoella action. I am a total fan girl when it comes to seeing Zoe rise and rise to stardom from a girl that I used to just watch in her bedroom making videos. She's a huge influencer and knowing just a little of her tastes and recommendations, I think the latest Sweet Inspirations SS16 Beauty collection knocks the first out of the water.

This collection just seems more Zoe. From the gorgeous pastel packaging and the sweet warming scent of baked goods for your bath, it just feels a better fit for older beauty lovers. As Zoe and I are the same age, these products seem that slightly bit more sophisticated, luxurious and yummy to use.

As many Superdrug's will know to well, my local store was almost out of everything from the collection. I left it for a week then went back to make sure those shelves were stocked up! I managed to pick up two of the products I had my eye on after the launch Bath Latte (£6.00) and Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzes (£5.00). 

Anything with latte in the name, you know I gotta try it, so first up is Bath Latte. A blend between a bubble bath and slightly runny shower gel, this creamy milk smells of pure happiness. Think sweet almond, chocolate, cream and honey. Sickly you might think but actually its very light and luxurious. I have used it as a bubble bath only and it sure does make a bubbly bath! I also love the old school milk bottle packaging, although on my bottle someone had shoved their finger into the protective film!

Next up is Le Fizz. Out of the products I was most anticipated to try, as I am of course a Lush lover as is Zoe. With the same sweet baked goods smell, this macaroon inspired bar is made up of small little squares - aka like a chocolate bar- each block, you are meant to break up and pop into the bath, watching them fizz away. However and its a big however, they were so underwhelming! I used just two of the blocks, sat in my bath and watched them fizz at the bottom of the bath so slowly that the water was almost cold by the time they were done. I could smell a slight faint scent but my bath hardly changed at all. For a fiver, I would much rather buy myself two Lush bath bombs for that price and actually see some snap crackle and pops. 

So mixed reviews on these two but out of the three collections, I think this one is far the best in look, scent and developing the products to suit an older audience. I look forward to the next one Zoe!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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