October 23, 2016


Although I am loving these Autumn days with the cold winds, crispy leaves falling and layering up, my hair is going a bit wild! Roll in the hat hair please! As my hair is getting longer and longer, I have had to invest more time into my haircare routine, less of the haystack look and more slick nourished locks. This Autumn I have discovered a few special products that I wanted share with you starting with a great duo from new brand 3 More Inches by Michael Van Clarke

This haircare range by hairdresser Michael Van Clarke, a top london hair genius who has over 30 years experience in the business has created a range of products that look and feel great. The packaging is simple, cool and with no fuss!

I have been using 3 More Inches Magic Oil c/o (£24.50, 50ml) for a few months now after I wash my hair usually mainly focusing on the ends. This styling serum is infused with natural oils including the frizz fighting and hydrating Moroccan Oil, which helps to nourish and soften your hair. Unlike most Moroccan oil based products this oil is alot thinner in texture and less oily,  which means when you apply it to your hair your hands don't feel greasy and the oil doesn't feel like it weighs your hair down. I also love the bottle, as instead of a pump it has a little small opening so you can decide how much you feel like you want to apply. My hair since using this has looked more hydrated and soft.

I have also used a few times now 3 More Inches Pre-Wash Treatment (£9.00, 100ml). This treatment should be put on your hair whilst it is dry all over and leave for about an hour. The treatment doesn't smell too strong or of any chemicals, it is easy to apply and once it gets working on your hair it doesn't dry it out at all. I applied the hair treatment similar to how I would with a hair mask, before bed time. I like to keep a hair mask in for as long as I can, so I actually sleep in the treatment. 

With this pre-wash treatment you wash off it off the shower, do your usual shampoo and condition and then see the results. For me with long hair, I couldn't believe the difference this treatment made just after one use. My hair was glossy, very soft and felt amazing. The only issue I have with the treatment is for hair my length you do need alot of product to cover your hair so this 100ml has so far given me three treatments that haven't really completely covered my hair, although it's been enough to make a difference. I love this treatment and if I had the chance to do it once a week, I reckon I would see a huge difference in the texture and feel of my hair.

Have you tried 3 More Inches haircare before?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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