October 21, 2016


Finding a new brand, especially when it comes to skincare my one true love, I can't help but run to my bathroom, clear the shelves and make space for some newness! I did become a complete serial sucker for new products before my blogging break and you can't believe how good it was to just take a break strip back and take my time to really trial new products and brands then reviewing them honestly.

In the last month I have been using a few products from Dr Sebagh. A brand new skincare line for me, which I didn't want to read too much into before I tried their products, as sometimes I think it can sway your judgement. I was completely spoilt by the whole collection of items that arrived at my door, sounds like I'm boosting but I am still completely overwhelmed now that I get to try out such amazing (and later I found out expensive) collections, so I hope my review will help you out if you are thinking of trying any of their products for yourself. 

Starting with three skincare items I have been testing over the last month or so, includes Dr Sebagh Supreme Day Cream c/o (£145, 50ml), Dr Sebagh Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum sample 5ml c/o (£216, 60ml) and Dr Sebagh Rose de Vie Serum sample 5ml (£129, 30ml). Now the biggest shock I think I during my research of the products I'm about to write about was the price. Not that I don't appreciate quality skincare, I just wasn't expecting it and I feel even more grateful that I have had the chance to trial it. 

Dr Sebagh is famed for a collection of high performance skincare products that works to protect your skin from the everyday whilst being packed with active ingredients that keep you looking healthy, young and at your best. I have been wearing Dr Sebagh's Supreme Triple Protecting, Hydrating and Restoring Face Cream almost every day for around a month after my usual skincare. This cream aims to protect your skin against environmental damage as well as HEV - High Energy Visible light aka the light emitted from your phone and laptop etc whilst also being anti-ageing. This cream uses a powerful blend of antioxidants to help prevent free-radical damage.

The cream itself is a lovely light rich texture that smoothes into your skin, hydrating and softening almost instantly. Hydration is one of the key elements I look for in skincare as I get older, as when my skin becomes dehydrated it never looks its best. I have seen a difference in the luminosity of my skin and it subtly glows after using it. 

The next two products I have been testing are Dr Sebagh Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum sample 5ml c/o (£216, 60ml) and Dr Sebagh Rose de Vie Serum sample 5ml (£129, 30ml). These two serums are suited for similar skin types, if you are after hydration both do just that.

The Supreme serum cools instantly with its silky thin texture that soaks into the skin straight away. In terms of ingredients, this serum has many benefits with Hyaluronic acid, zinc, copper and magnesium, this anti-oxidant packed formula means your skin is replenished and protected throughout the day. However like I said earlier, I just couldn't afford to spend this amount on a serum just yet even if it is a joy to use, which it is. This serum I could see myself using every day though.

The Rose de Vie serum is just as light as the Supreme with a non greasy formula. It's silky soft oil base, smells true to the beauty of rose and it hydrates, without clogging your pores. This serum is very gentle and feels more refined than some rose serums I have tried in the past but that might be due to the rather hefty price tag. Out of all three products, I have found that this serum is a little too much for everyday use. I prefer to use it if I feel my skin needs a bit of extra TLC as like most rose products, it does sooth and calm redness or most likely for me a breakout. 

I am really impressed with Dr Sebagh so far and I am hoping after a few more months of using them I can find the right balance along with my usual skincare. If the sample was a little bigger and the full size product wasn't so expensive, I think I would love to use this everyday, as it is just the right texture for my skin.

Have you tried Dr Sebagh before? Does skincare with a price tag put you off?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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