October 09, 2016


It's no surprise that one day I was bound to give in and join the cool kids of the fragrance world. Working in the home fragrance industry means I have become slightly nose obsessed and thanks to my dad who is addicted to making his own fragrances and buying hundreds of bottles of perfume, I am following suit.

I think I can blame my dad all I like but the real fragrance culprit is Liberty London. There is something wonderful about exploring Liberty's fragrance hall. It's small but quaint and there are so many amazing brands that you may have never heard of in there that they will end up stealing your heart. I have also been very lucky to spend some time with Liberty's PR and gifted a few samples of their perfume brands, one which was Byredo's Mojave Ghost (£135.00, 100ml).

Funny enough, last year for Christmas I had bought my dad Byredo's Accord Oud, which again took me ages to decide but Dad loved it with its powdery musk, saffron and leather accord...such a Dad fragrance so the brand was already on my radar. 

I did see Kate la Vie write a review on it last week or so and I love to read how people describe perfume as it is blooming difficult as perfume is so personal. To me however Byredo's Mojave Ghost smells green, berry-like with a floral edge but mainly for me it has an interesting musky note that isn't harsh or manly, it smells elegant and light. Enough so that this is the perfect everyday perfume. My nose certainly has adored wearing Byredo's Mojave Ghost and I am lusting after the big bottle! 

For Christmas, my dad generously gifted me with Liberty vouchers, as he knows I love the store and I will most likely spend it on buying more beauty! This year, it took me ages to decide what I wanted to buy but I knew it was going to be fragrance. I followed my heart, spent a fortune but finally have my very own Le Labo signature scent.

I have seen Le Labo around for a few years now and it's industrial vibe and hand crafted fragrances have always had me intrigued. They are the best intstagrammable bottles as well! It took me a while to decide what fragrance I wanted, as there were a few that I really warmed to. One that didn't surprise me once I heard all of the ingredients is Lys 41 (£165.00, 100ml)...IGNORE the price tag!

Hand made in Liberty at the Le Labo counter, the perfumer took such incredible amount of care and time in piecing together my fragrance and I even got to personalise the bottle's label with my name. The fragrance Lys 41 is a powdery white floral blend of jasmine and tuberose with the surprising ingredient of lily hence the name. It also has vanilla and musk which makes it more than just a floral scent. Being a florist, tuberose is the greatest smelling flower so to have that note within my perfume is bliss! 

I am so happy with these two perfumes on my shelf right now and I can't wait for Christmas to go add to my rather cool kid collection of fragrances!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



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