October 11, 2016


It's no secret that I am a HUGE lushie... yes that's what we are called us Lush addicts! As soon as I heard there was a brand new collection coming out for Autumn, you know I had to haul it up. As I have been so sick over the last three weeks, I was worried I wouldn't be able to make it into store, so hello online shopping!
I have to admit, shopping online at Lush just isn't the same as walking into that wonderful smelling store and taking your pick to anything that catches your eye, however, I have such trust in Lush, I only need to have a quick read and the product is straight into my basket. 

As I find Autumn a little tough (SAD sufferer here) I have been trying extra hard to embrace the beauty of this time of year, enjoying the simple things and trying not to get myself too worked up. Being sick of course hasn't helped! That's why I headed straight to the new bath products...

Desperately trying to not put all of Lush's new Christmas products into my basket...Snowie I am coming for you...I bought pretty much all of the new Halloween and Autumn bath products ready to enjoy on those dark cold nights. 

Before anything...I am so gutted not to see Cinders back this year. My favourite bath bomb and scent of all time, I am gutted to not see it come back! Thank god I still have two left in my stash from last year! Don't even get me started on Celebrate body butter for Christmas that hasn't come back too!!! I'll now attempt to move on...

Starting with Halloween and my favourite of the haul is Pumpkin Bath Bomb (£3.95). As I mentioned Cinders above, I am pretty sure this is a larger version of my favourite. Pumpkin embraces Halloween with it's spicy and sweet scent of vanilla and cinnamon blended with sharp citrus fragrance notes. I am addicted to this scent! However it is pretty basic in terms of crack, pops and bangs as it turns the water a simple orangey yellow. 

A little luxury goes a long way on a chilly night and Boo (£3.50) bath melt is a cute little addition to the Halloween collection. Lush bath melts make the water soft with cocoa butter and with the warming ginger, sandalwood and mandarin oil is light and relaxing.

Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar (£3.95) is one of those bars that you will destroy your bath tub with  a gold glitter overload in just a few minutes! An unusual scent of lime and grapefruit isn't my favourite but it does make one bubbly orange bath, which even I can't refuse!

Monsters' Ball (£4.25) one of the highlights of the collection is a quirky fun design for a bath bomb. One of the more expensive bath bombs, this multicoloured and multi-textured appearance, joins together a bath bomb and bath melt with a soft cocoa butter eye that makes the water really soft. I love slow burners and this bath bomb takes its time, turning the water into a deep purply pink with a strong neroli and uplifting lime fragrance. 

Finally I'm a huge fan of Lush's interesting earthy scents, Lord of Misrule has a place in my heart, this Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb (£3.75) has a similar affect on me. I don't think I'll be using this bath bomb for a while as its just so beautiful. I love trees and autumn leaves so this just oozes me. With a blend of woody, earthy scents like sandalwood, Japanese maple sap and Bergamot, it smells amazing and is guaranteed to create a magical autumnal colourful bath.

So there's the low down on Lush's seasonal releases and yes I will be heading into store as soon as I am better to stock up! Have you tried any of the Lush Autumn bath products?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox

PS. Lush get your act together and bring back Cinders!!!



  1. I've never tried bath bombs before and I keep seeing reviews on them. I think I am finally convinced to try them out!

    1. Really? You should defo give them a go, it just makes a bath extra special. I would recommend trying on of Lush's usual range- Twilight is my fav xx


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