October 18, 2016


Second week of blogging people! Boom, I am back! One of my favourite things about blogging has been finding connections with brands that I just couldn't imagine ever living with out. One of those brands is Lush Cosmetics and I have wanted to bring back my Lush Weekly posts, as I am an avid Lush buyer, user and all round lover! 

This week's post is a quick review of two shower products that I bought from Lush's Oxford street store a while back. I believe the shower creams and gels are fairly new and Lush seem to be bringing out a few every year from some of our favourite scents and have even created a new exclusive to their Oxford street store.

Starting with their exclusive, Plum Rain (£4.95, 100ml) Shower gel. Yes you can sing Purple Rain by Prince all you like, it's exactly what it reminded me of and funnily enough it was launched not long after his death although Lush haven't actually stated that it is a little tribute to the great man.

As exclusives go, I have to say I literally had no idea Lush had launched anything new until I went into store and told a lovely member of staff I was a blogger and of course "what's new!". She kindly took me straight to the shower products and Plum Rain went straight into the basket. Other than whats written on the bottle, I can't find hardly anything about the product online. So to find out any details of the product has been tricky. I am not quite sure why Lush haven't raved about it as its really unique compared to Lush's usual releases. 

For me, the Shower Gel has the most gorgeous thick gel like texture, nothing like any of the other shower gels or creams I have used. The purple gel just melts into your skin and foams into a softening white bubble that feels luxurious. You only need a tiny amount to cover your body, which means this will certainly last longer than the others. I always worry that the little bottles are so small, I'll use it up after a few weeks!

The scent of Plum Rain like all Lush scents, is bold. However, I can't actually compare the scent to anything I have ever tried before. It mainly smells of rich fruity plums but it has a sharp sour note to it that cuts through the sweetness. Its different and exciting! I am loving it!

Launched last year in the Oxford Street store Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream (£4.95, 100ml) is my latest Lush find. Usually I am not the biggest zesty fan in beauty products but this product has an amazing creamy tone to it. A blend of Yuzu - the famous Japanese citrus fruit similar to the scent of a lemon/grapefruit and Cocoa Butter, this shower cream is softening and rich on your skin. It has an uplifting and awakening quality that makes this perfect for a morning shower. The texture can only be described as liquid down body lotion, as it has that luxurious rich feel, a bit like melted butter actually...yummy!

What is your favourite Lush shower product?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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