October 05, 2016


Hey everyone. This is the first time in a month, I have actually sat down at my desk, opened my laptop, clicked new post and started typing. I have come here with no plan or schedule, I just had that urge to write again.

I have no excuses or real reasons why I stopped writing on LLP apart from the fact that I just got bored. I got bored of myself, bored of the routine and bored of life to be honest. I can't say in the last month I have had any life changing travels or any affirmative moments where suddenly I have become a better version of me. I just stopped blogging. I think i've got lazy. I can't keep up with the latest thing or blog everyday till my fingers bleed, I realised why the hell could I be a honest blogger if I just carried on as I were keeping up with it for the sake of it. 

It has to be said that I did start to feel pressure from my blog, trying desperately to keep up with everyone, when I felt like I was just falling behind. I don't have great stability on LLP, I flutter back and forwards with it when I feel like it...which is how it should be right? Instead I started to feel the enormous pressure to stay relevant and be in contact with PR's, press launches, people, bloggers and all the things that you could call the perks of blogging...for me it felt overwhelming. I have tried, people come and go, I let them down, they let me down.

Where LLP's life will lead I have no idea... in a dream world, I would be traveling from desert island to desert island making all my viewers and readers sick to their stomach with envy (well like that would happen!) Maybe I will stick with beauty writing as I boy have missed it over the last month or so but try to keep distant from the blogging world and not feel pressured to write or share the fact I never get blogger mail hehe! I'm not bitter I promise hehe! Maybe I can write about more than just beauty, maybe you'd prefer seeing my two pooches every week! I've always shared my little life struggles on here, maybe I need to do that again for myself and maybe one post might just help someone else out there.

I do worry that the days of reading a blog fluttering away and that if I don't join the snapchat, insta story or youtube generation, I'll just be lost. Do go check out my attempt at a FULL insta story today though...don't tell me I didn't try haha! Be kind, I have been house bound for weeks!

As for me in a month, I have managed to finish off my crazy summer of work, get myself a new pooch and contract Pneumonia...the good with the bad. I'm not quite myself again. Autumn always brings a sense of panic and I am trying to push passed my demons as time is ticking away and I know I will regret going down that dark road again. 

I hope my fingers keep typing today and that you'll stick with me, as I have missed LLP with everything that comes with it!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox 

PS Did everyone see Zoella's lifestyle pencil collection...You know she stole ^^^^^^^ Hugs & Kisses from me hehe + orange is my favourite colour! ^^^^^^^^^


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