October 12, 2016


If you didn't know about this little face then where have you been people! To be honest I think it was a surprise to almost everyone except Mr LLP and I, as one day we spoke about how lovely it would be to have a baby girl in our lives...that's a poochy baby girl before I get any "your pregnant" emails...the next day we went to visit a litter...two days later she was in our lives.
Everyone let me introduce our baby girl Capers at 3 months old.
As you will probably know, I am already the proud poochy muma to my baby boy Oscar, a blue frenchie, who only just turned one last month. They grow up so fast! Now it's as if I have gone back in time to Oscar being a puppy. Training mats all over the house, cute little paws that follow you around everywhere and of course those unforgettable puppy cuddles.

Now I have to admit, having two frenchies did take me some time to get my head round, as lucky for us Oscar has been a dream dog and still is honestly my best friend but to have another puppy in the house did worry me, as I didn't want Oscar to feel any different and my flat had only just stopped smelling of pee. To do it all again was going to take some commitment. Lucky for me, Mr LLP is a lifey so I knew we would do this together again and hopefully the puppy would fit right in.

We always knew we wanted to get a girl to be Oscar's new buddy, as hopefully in a few years we would love to become breeders. We always thought it is such a waste of Oscar's pretty beautiful genes not to have a litter and if it is with Capers it would be amazing, although we haven't thought that far just yet. That's why we picked a pure KC registered colour, as blue in the frenchie breed is actually seen as a 'fashion' colour not a pure colour. If we were to breed, we thought it was best to buy a girl that was either fawn or brindle. We picked a little of red fawn frenchies with black masked faces and she was just perfect from the moment I saw her.

So what is Capers like? She is a little cutie, with big soppy eyes and giant paws that would melt your heart. Unlike Oscar she's actually very independent and is happy to play alone completely, where Oscar and even now is very dependant on me for attention. She is so responsive to my other half who has done such an amazing job at training her. Already she is doing 'sit', 'high five', 'stay' etc it's even shocked me how clever she is. The potty training isn't great but until she can go out, which should be this week sometime, it always gets a bit confusing for them in the house. 

Expect more puppy posts and follow me over on instagram 'lifelooksperfect' if you need daily puppy fixes! Just look at those eyes!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki the Poochy Muma xox



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