October 07, 2016


Autumn brings nights cold winds and warm heating, a disaster for your skin. I have started to get in the routine of treating my skin to a little weekly pamper. It doesn't have to be hours of pampering or use any sort of expensive products but just taking 20 mintues out of your week to relax and treat your skin is important.

I like to mix and match what masks I use weekly as I have stocked up quite a collection of masks however these three products I have picked for this post work really well on my skin and work well together to get the best out of my skin. At the moment my skin has settled becoming more dry than anything. I get a few big under the skin spots now and again but it's nothing I can complain about.

Light the candles, pop on some chilled out music and get all your flannels in line!

I like to start with a slight exfoliant mask, which at the moment I am using Evolve's Radiant Glow Mask c/o (£18.00). This natural mask is a rich blend of raw cacao powder and clay that helps to purify and repair whilst coconut granules buff your skin, removing all dead skin cells. I only keep this mask on for about 5 minutes allowing myself some time to rinse away in slow circular motions to get the most out of the exfoliating granules all over my face paying attention to my T-zone. I also smells like chocolate so why rush! After removing the mask my skin feels soft, refreshed and clean.

Next if my skin is playing up just a little or I want to add in an extra layer to my facial, I adore Caudalie's Instant Detox mask c/o (£22.00, 75ml). This mask is an amazing mask for a deep cleanse so I usually use it all over my face, again paying attention to my T-zone where I have larger pores. The pink clay absorbs excess sebum, whilst grape and coffee help to drain toxins. What always surprises me with this clay based mask is how hydrating and skin softening it is. Sometimes with clay my skin can feel tight and dry but this is the complete opposite. The mask is a bright red clay so don't be alarmed it doesn't dye your skin! Remove after 5 minutes and move onto my favourite...

A hydrating mask is by far my favourite type of mask if not the best stage of this mini pamper. I have been using Super Facialist Rose Intense Moisture Mask (£9.99, 125ml) for years now, this is my third tube! Rose is amazing for hydrating your skin and this mask does just that. Blended together with white willow extract known to enhance skin cell turn over, with vitamin e and rose water helps calm your skin giving it a calmer and renewed radiance. I layer this mask on and put it all over my face and down to my neck.

I would love to hear about your pamper facials at home and if you like any of the masks I have featured do let me know your thoughts! 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I really love the Caudalie mask too! I used the Una Brennan Rose Scrub a while ago and really loved it, I should definitely try the mask, you're right, hydrating masks are SO good!!

    Cia | Littleyellowbutterflies.com

    1. Thanks for your comment. The mask is lovely and so affordable compared to a few other rose hydrating masks. I haven't tried the scrub so I will keep an eye out for that one and well the Caudalie just can't be beaten! Becki xx


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