October 16, 2016


Starting off a new week is a brand new collection from Yardley London. If you haven't come across Yardley before, they are a very affordable British bath and body brand that have been around since the mid-seventeenth century, graced with a Royal warrant from the Queen, who I think it is fair to say is probably their target market! Famous for their traditional floral fragrances, their new collection English Dahlia captures the essence of Yardley's signature classic scents bringing together a more complex and sensual fragrance to the simplistic range.
Firstly, as a florist and a fragrance lass, I think it's worth mentioning that Dahlia's, as in the flowers, have no scent what so ever, so for me I was intrigued to smell how Yardley would interpret such a flower. Dahlia's bloom in the late summer to early autumn so right now they are in their prime and for autumn this fragrance was created. 

The fragrance, always the tricky part of writing down how something actually smells, the English Dahlia scent is very green and earthy with a subtle zesty note making it less heavy on the nose. It reminds me of freshly cut flower stems actually, which is quite a bizarre comparison not sure if I want to pretty much smell like my work but hey! When the fragrance settles however, it does become more floral and you can smell the powdery amber, peony and rose. 

You might be thinking the fragrance is 'granny pants' as my sister and I like to say...very technical term in the fragrance industry I have you know hehe...as I know when I see florally packaging and an old school British brand who are famed for Lavender soap it's usually my first thought but this is better than I though. It's an elegant fragrance that captures a green garden maybe not so autumn but its fresh, light and very pretty to wear. I would love to try the Lily of the Valley and Bluebell collection next, as god do I love a good old traditional scent!

The English Dahlia collection is available to buy in three items Eau de Toilette c/o (£9.99, 50ml), Hand Cream c/o (£4.49, 100ml) and Body Spray c/o (£2.49, 75ml). Seriously affordable!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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