November 27, 2016


There are some of those cult products that you leave and leave to the bottom of your wish list hoping that someone might just find that list and treat you to everything you've ever wanted. One that has been on my wish list for far to long is Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm (£40.00, 105g). As you might be able to tell, if you are a long time fan of this cleansing balm, I have been only using a 20g sample size, which I was over the moon to find in my Fragrance Foundation Awards goody much so that I asked everyone on the table "will you use that? As I'll have it!" Embarrassing but hey I've got a years supply now!

Back to the cleanser! 

Why I have always wanted to try this cleanser, like most answers, is because of Caroline Hirons. I have read her review many times whilst looking for a new cleansing balm and I was always so intrigued that she was so undecided. I don't take her word for Gospel although she has massively influenced and taught me how to look after my skin but what might not work for her might in fact work for me. So here are my thoughts...

Unlike the name suggests, this cleanser doesn't actually contain collagen! So what the hell is it your wondering. Well this cleanser has an almond oil and Shea butter base, enriched blend of starflower, elderberry, rose, mimosa and optimega oils you can imagine that this cleanser smells amazing! It has that complete 'spa' like smell of lavender and chamomile which the granny in me always loves. The oils within it's texture help to maintain moisture, improve hydration, plump and firm your skin. It doesn't contain any mineral oil, parabens and is SLS free. 

The texture is one that I have never seen in a cleansing balm before, as it is almost slightly gloppy and sticky, which once you melt it into your skin it transforms into a light oily texture. The balm doesn't need much heating to melt so I only need a large pea size to cover my face. When I remove this balm, I usually wipe over again with a fresh flannel as sometimes it can leave a bit of a film over my skin. 

One thing I will say that I am really disappointed with is that I can't use this balm over my eyes. For some reason it slightly stings, which means the balm is no good for removing eye makeup. I only use this balm at the moment as a second cleanse so most of my eye makeup is already off and nothing a wipe of micellar water can't fix.

So am I impressed? I like the balm and I do feel it ticks all the boxes but I just I don't feel the balm is anything amazing. For me it is the perfect product for a second cleanse to make your skin feel extra soft and clean.

Hugs & Kisses 
Becki xox


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