November 22, 2016


A while back, before the Lush christmas overload (that's to come in the next few weeks) I did a little Lush haul that pretty much ended up in me buying all the Lush Cosmetics Oxford Street Exclusives I hadn't tried yet. One of my favourite things is just to ponder around that store and speak to all the staff, who usually take me on a tour of everything new.

I love the fact that Lush Oxford Street have secret exclusive products, as for me it makes the shopping experience even more fun. So buying up all of the products I haven't yet tried a a few newbies available throughout their stores, this is my haul...

Starting with a few Lush bath oils, these are such a great addition to the Lush bath range and most of them are exclusive to Oxford street or at least they have pretty much every kind of scent or design you would want. I of course picked up Orange Blossom (£2.00) due to sadly orange being my favourite colour and that orange blossom is one of the greatest scents around! The glitter though I am not such a fan of! Packed with essential butters and oils, Lush's bath oils nourish and leave your skin feeling so soft. Shea butter and cocoa butter hydrate whilst jojoba oil softens. The scent was strong in the bath but didn't linger on my skin sadly. As soon as the little ball hits the water it begins to slowly melt and the fragrance becomes stronger and stronger. I didn't even take a picture when I used this as I was just in a heavenly bliss!

Flower's Barrow Bath Oil (£2.00) is one of those that I just had to have as it was so delicately wrapped in dried petals and smelt amazing. English country garden is captured with blackcurrant, rose, geranium and chamomile that come together to create a light powdery fragrance. Similar to Orange Blossom, this bath oil leaves your skin soft and hydrated. 

Next up is a bath bomb I have walked passed time and time again, it never really catching my attention but this time the lady at Lush sold it to me! Similar in size and shape to Northern Lights (review HERE) Cyanide Pill bath bomb (£3.50) shaped and coloured like a pill, brings together lemon, cedarwood, rosewood and almond oil - a sweet uplifting scent. Now this is a fizzer and is full of surprises. Like the name would suggest, as soon as this bomb touches the water, it begins to fizz turning the water an amazing lime green, making your bath look toxic! Glitter comes together on the surface to create almost little pools of toxic metal along with the popping candy that you can hear throughout the bombs fizzing. As a whole experience this bath bomb was one of the fun ones again! I've missed Lush's creativity over the last few years and this brought it back!

Two extra bits I picked up, not exclusive to the store but I hadn't tried before is Brazilliant Shampoo Bar (£5.95) and The Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub (£5.95).

I have newly discovered Lush's Shampoo Bars this year and I am so happy I have. They are such an innovative way of washing your hair, better for your hair and better for the environment as there is zero packaging. Again, orange got the better of me with this one! Packed with Andiroba oil, Sweet Orange oil and Ylang Ylang (one of my favourite scents!) this bar is best suited to curly and Afro-Caribbean hair, which mine is neither however, it is still as softening and hydrating if not more than the other bars I have used.

Finally and sorry if I have rambled, it seems like I went a little over board with my haul as per usual, this body scrub is just genius. All packed into one bar, this sugary scrub enriched with Murumuru butter is just the best thing of an evening to pamper your body with. I think the shape is great to really rub into your skin, think circular motions on that cellulite! It also has the most intoxicating scent of patchouli, black pepper and vanilla. Bliss!

Have you been to Lush Oxford Street? What are your favourites?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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