November 15, 2016


This year, fireworks night seems to have come round so quick I didn't even manage to go out and see any! So instead I decided to have a fireworks night of my own with a cocktail of two seasonal Lush Cosmetics products but as my expectations get higher and higher from Lush I am worried that the quality of their bath products isn't as good as they used to be.

Starting with one a bath bomb that is pretty to see and looks like it might just contain that snap, crackle and bang that I think we have been missing from Lush's limited editions recently is Northern Lights (£3.95). I think if I can remember, a few years ago this bath bomb was a long stick like shape, which now it has become shorter and chunky, which is a much better design as I think mine snapped in half last year.

The bath bomb promises to bring the beauty of the night into your bath, which once it hits the water, it fizzes out of both ends (no other way of saying that...sorry!) in blue and yellow, whilst the middle purple section slowly melts. The colours were really truly beautiful but if you know your primary colours, blue and yellow makes green, which add in some dark purple, the bath turned a rather nasty murky pool that wasn't exactly my ideal end to an amazing slow fizzer. Despite the final ending colour, I must say I loved the scent of this bath bomb with Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, two of my favourite fragrances, it is awakening and uplifting. 

As I had slightly mixed reviews on Northern Lights, I feel like my second product saved the day! Big Bang (£3.75) Bubble Bar is the perfect autumn night accompaniment with a really cute design of two buttery pink stars in the top of your usual bubble bar texture, a winner for me. With a blend of grapefruit, cocoa butter and lemon myrtle the scent is uplifting too and works perfectly with Northern Lights. The bubble bar has a beautiful softening texture that makes the water feel luxurious whilst turning it into a deep blue colour, with fluffy white bubbles, much better than murky green. I also love that this bubble bar doesn't contain any glitter or staining colour as sometimes the effort I go through to clean my bath after I've just used a Lush product isn't worth the hassle! These two bath products leave your tub clean as a whistle. 

As for Lush's limited editions to snap up, I would recommend Big Bang over Northern Lights, as I think you get a much better bathing experience that won't disappoint. 

Have you tried Northern Lights or Big Bang?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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