December 08, 2016


I am so  so in love with my daily ritual at the moment, which is when I get home, I make sure I indulge in a cost warm hot bath. I am one of the lucky ones I know to even get 30 mins to myself but taking some set time for myself has really helped my anxiety and SAD.

It seems that Lush isn't the only ones this Christmas making amazing goodies for your bath time ritual, Bomb Cosmetics have once again blown me away with their 2016 Christmas Bath Mallow's and Bath Blaster's. Sounds rather wild compared to Lush's Bombs but once you get used to the new name, they really are just as good. If not Bomb Cosmetics seem a little more natural smelling than Lush.

In terms of the differences between a bath mallow and bath blaster, they are a similar concept to a bath melt and bath bomb.

The bath mallows are my favourite from Bomb Cosmetics, as they transform your bath water into a hydrating and skin softening bliss that usually contains, either some sort of dried flowers or glitter. The warm water releases all the cocoa butter and they smell amazing too. The Christmas bath mallows I have are Ginger Love Bath Mallow (£2.99), Five Gold Rings Mallow (£2.99), Jingle All The Way (£2.99) and Santa Hat Bath Mallow (£2.99). These little decorated mallows are so cute, you can see against my hands how sweet they look. I love the fact that they are each individually wrapped as well, as it preserves their intricate decorations and the scent. I always end up wrapping my Lush ones in sandwich bags as they just fade over time. I would have photographed them out of their wrapping but it seems with these Christmas ones they do tend to slightly fall apart out of the wrapping so they need to get straight into the bath!

Bath Blasters are fizzing bombs filled with layers of colours, perfume and fizziness! I can't seem to find the two I have here in this post online, maybe they have already sold out - the snowman one does have a rather funny name which I believe was something like "chilly willy"! There is such a huge collection of bath bombs online to choose from do go have a browse!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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