December 15, 2016


It's about time, as it's December already that I share one of my favourite things about Christmas...and that's Lush's Christmas limited editions! I'll get my moaning done first and that's where the hell is Cinders this year! One of my all time favourite bath bombs and it's gone! Gutted #BringItBack!

Now on to my best of the bunch picks that you can only buy from Lush this December before they all sell out! I've picked two bath bombs and two bubble bars that just about sums me up and total rock my boat!

Starting with the products that do probably do a good job at summing me up in two products is Snowie (£4.25) and Santasaurus (£5.95). Anyone will know I am a HUGE Bowie fan and losing him really hit me hard. I only have a few artists that truly have changed my life and Bowie was one of the last ones left after Amy and Michael have now passed. This little Snowie tribute to him warms my heart and would make any fan very happy. It's full of sparkle and bubble just as you would expect. The other half of me, is Dinosaurs. OK I have no idea where the obsession began but it's here and I am pretty sure this Christmas, this Santasaurus Bubble Bar will be making it's way into my hand from plenty of loved ones! A bubble bar on a stick, which is always the most practical way of handling a bubble bar in my eyes, this one smells of uplifting Orange, bergamot and lemon.

Bath Bomb wise, this years collection didn't blow me away to be honest as much as the Bubble Bars did but these two I have picked do make lovely baths either way. Shoot for the Stars (£4.25) is a blend of both a bath bomb and little mini bath melts that take the form of golden stars. With Orange and Bergamot taking the reigns here again, this bath bomb is alot more hydrating than most and the oils really do nourish your skin. Big issue for me was that the bath seemed to turn into a deep dark green, which was unexpected especially as I assumed it was going to look like a mystical dark night sky!

Next up is Mistletoe bath bomb (£4.25). This beautiful scented product, jasmine is totally my favourite, vetivert and Ylang Ylang make this one of my favourite to date! This one seems to really foam unlike other bath bombs I have tried. The scent becomes even more poignant once it get fizzing and it leaves a deep purply pink water for your body to soak in.

As Lush Christmas' go, I think Lush have really embraced creativity this year, luckily not at the expense of the products quality how I have felt with some of the Limited Edition previously. I do think the gift sets, although I haven't bought any as of yet, they truly are a joy! Definitely check them out if your stuck for gifts this month!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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