December 13, 2016


Lip Lacquers are everywhere right now and seem to be the new answer for lipstick. Me being a traditionalist, I have always preferred a matte lipstick to anything you'll ever get me wearing...until now. 

This season, I can't tell you how much I have been converted to a matte lip lacquer or liquefied lipstick or whatever every brand has decided to call theirs! There are so many formula's and different finishes for lip lacquers that it has taken me a while to find the right one that suits me. 

If you have no idea what the hell I am talking about, Lip Lacquers are a liquid form of your usual lipstick that is housed usually in a lip gloss style container. The texture usually is very creamy and hydrating even the matte versions. The main difference from a lipstick is the applicator as you apply via a wand. Each wand, just like lip gloss has a slightly different shape so makes a smoother application and you rarely make any sort of mess.

Winter is the perfect season for berry lips and in terms of lip laqcquers there are so many out there, however for me over the last few months I seem to have found a new love of nudes (probably because of the Kardashian's somewhere down the line hey ho we gotta love them).

Nudes are a tricky one to get right for paler skin tones but with the right amount of coverage they can look incredible. After trying so many, the perfect true nude for me is a warming brown.  True pink nudes just look pants on me so the warmer browns bring out the colour of my dark brown eyes and paler skin tone.

I have shared a few of my favourites below!

My favourite from the bunch so far has left me reaching for Too Faced Melted Matte Liquefied Lipstick in Cool Girl (£17.64) c/o almost every time I go out. This formula is second to none. It is rich in pigmentation just like a matte lipstick and the colour is just perfection. I had seen this knocking about on so many ladies Instagram's I just knew it would look amazing on my pale skin. It complements my eyes and hair without washing me out due to it's warm brown undertone.

Above you can see me sporting the new MUA Velvet lip lacquers (£3.00) c/o which again have really blown me away in terms of quality along with how blooming good they are for value for money.  I mean I can't think the last time a lippie cost me just £3. That's the price of my morning coffee for goodness sake!

MUA is a much more affordable choice for everyone of all ages and I would say in terms of finish, just like Too Faced, they are very pigmented, cover your lips in one swoop whilst staying on for hours and hours. I think the stay on power of Too Faced Liquefied Lipstick is a little better though and less drying. The image above is me wearing Hustle.

As for the lip lacquer trend, I am loving it and I am so glad I have found a collection of nude lipsticks that really suits me.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I'm definitely with you, I rarely wear traditional lipsticks anymore, I much prefer this sort of formula now. I'll have to look for the MUA ones, they sound like amazing value!

    Catherine |

  2. OOh I do love the look of these on you Mrs, such amazing shades! How good are those MUA ones x


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