December 07, 2016


A few years ago, I found myself part of the beauty blogging world, full hearted and trying to catch up with the big dogs. I wasn't myself, I mean soley me sticking to what I believe in and not following the crowd. Since years and years passing by and I am still here, I have to say I feel differently about some parts of the generic blogging schedule. 

Around Christmas, the dreaded post upon posts of Christmas gift guides arrive and I have to admit and maybe even controversially, I hate them! 

Back when I started out LLP,  I found myself catching up with the crowd and trying to get as many of the latest products I could in order to make my gift guides look full and spectacular. Basically showing off really, goodness knows who to but you get the jist. I hate to even write that about myself but it's honest.

With every PR sending me everything they had to offer, it meant that after my little at home photo shoot, for all my posts, I would be left with a room full of gifts that really for one person, I had no use for. 

I said earlier in the month that I wasn't going to write any Christmas gift guides to certainly not show off what I have been sent in the bundles! I finally feel I have taken a step back, I blog precisely what I want to blog about and I don't feel I follow the crowd. Watching the gift guides popping up all over my feeds, I can't help but think would rather a PR would just send them to a shelter or women's refuge than me.

I know Pr's send hundreds of products to us bloggers and media, in order to get coverage for the brand therefore making the public just maybe go out and buy that gift this Christmas but wouldn't a brand look better donating hundreds of products to shelters than bloggers. 

However I do feel times are changing. 

All over the blogging world this year and certainly on social media, I have read so many ladies and gents asking where best to send products they don't need. I love that this has arisen as it's about bloody time. 

I know I am making huge sweeping statements here, as I know the bloggers I have relationships with like Rachel at Beauty Queen UK, she has been donating to women's refuges for years but I am sure not everyone does or even knows that you can donate, especially bigger blogger like the likes of Zoella, I know for a fact how much stuff gets sent every single day and get shoved into a PO box by her management but where does all the products go?

I know I can't really hate on big bloggers, as I honestly have so much love for them especially Zoella but I think it would be so good if they joined together for a donating cause. Talking of bloggers who make a difference, the wonderful Caroline Hirons has even had her own donation campaign running for years called Give and Makeup (well before us lot even caught on!) which is an easy way of loading up a box of all your extra beauty bits and giving to a good cause. So there is no excuse people, donate things you don't need!

To end, around Christmas, I just feel guilty to be sent gifts that yes I could give away to friends and family, saving myself a few bucks but I'd much rather give them to people who truly needs them. That's why this year, I am giving any gift sets away to people less fortunate than I am at my local shelter and it's as easy as anything to just give them a call and see if they would accept your donation. You don't need that hundredth body scrub for a rainy day or that moisturiser that you know you won't use but you like to keep it.

Do something good this December, ditch the endless gift guides and share a post of your donations instead!

* Just as a side note, these images are from years and years ago, if you're a beauty addict you can tell that they are old! I have just used them as they are evidence of my naivety.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I have regular clear outs of my beauty pieces and recently donated 2 massive bags full of stuff to a local women's shelter and have begun to bag up things to do it again. I really think it's worth it as I sure as hell aren't going to use everything! I've actually never told anyone publicly that I've done it either.

    Megan. xo

    1. That is so lovely. I think we should talk about it more especially bloggers who have such a big influence and it's such a lovely thing to do. Thanks for sharing my lovely xx

  2. I send stuff to shelters all the time, same with food banks and animal shelters x


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